Silhouette- Early evenings

                       early evenings


Recently I’d been to this beautiful Lake. I got this picture just as the sun set. What made this evening more beautiful was that I’d gone with my friends.

At times with the right people and the last rays of the setting sun you find the answers.

Angels unknown

There are a few people in your life,who just happened to walk in by chance.They touched your life in a way you could never imagine.This is to all the angels in mine.


Have you ever felt

lonely in a crowd

with many familiar faces

sad amongst a thousand smiles?


Drowning in self pity,

your mind refusing to believe

what the heart already knows.


A huge smart phone

big contact list

still no one to call

who can sense the battle within.


Those you called friends

were only make-believe

now that the masks have fallen

it’s all crystal clear.


Have you ever felt

the darkness swirling inside

forming a huge storm

waiting to rush out.


Have you ever felt

the cold seeping through every pore

reopening every wound you bore.


Reminding you of your failures

pushing you to the edge,

waiting for you to give up.

You fight back

as it tries to gain control.

You don’t want to lose yourself,

But you are tired of trying.

That’s the end you believe.


That’s when the angels appear

the ones you left behind

in a hurry to race ahead.

They spread their wings

and gently help you rise.


At first you stumble,

Patiently waiting,to cushion your each  fall

they guide you through the right route

till you reach your safe haven.