Forgotten Smile

How can you smile

when hate is what you’ve received all your life.

How can you love,with wounds so deep.

Your heart used,abused and hurt.

How can you give when

all you had was snatched away from you.

How can you forgive

when mercy is alien to you.


What do you say to a soul

so broken and battered.

How do you provide rays of comfort ?


People told me to make peace with my past

then only could I step towards the future.

At first stubborn was I,

I didn’t want to let go of the pain

‘coz then I’d have nothing to hate.

My life would lose meaning

if I forgave those who hurt me.


Days later I got thinking

trying won’t cause any harm.

So each day I made myself

forgive those who caused me pain.


As I looked into the mirror each day

I saw a much stronger person,

I was taken aback a little.

“How?” is the question  I keep asking  myself,

how did this come to be?

“Should I embrace this new person I see

or run as far as my legs take me.”


I’m beginning to feel

to love and care for people.

I see that hatred being washed away

and I’m feeling the weight lift off day by day.

I think I can feel the corners of my mouth

shape a smile across my face.

I think I’ve found peace,I found happiness.

Filling in the in-between spaces

Filling in the in-between spaces

I baked this cake for my friend’s birthday and as you can see it didn’t turn out to be as I expected it to be  😛
So I filled the spaces in the volcano struck cake with a good thing- M ‘n’ Ms and together it made my cake really yummy!
Cheers to quick fixes  😉

Why pain is necessary

Pain according to the dictionary is “mental suffering or distress”.It is a normal reaction to stay away from things that cause you pain.You know it is unpleasant.No one will willingly got through pain. But many a times we forget that without pain we wouldn’t be able to appreciate the joy that follows.We constantly ask God not to give us any problems in our life but at the same time ask him to make us strong.How do you expect to become strong when you haven’t been refined through pain.

This was one question I constantly asked God,if you love me then why let me got through all the pain.In time,I’ve got my answer.When I look back at my life,I see that it is pain that has molded me and made me strong.If my life was a bed of roses all along,I would have never known the harsh realities of life.The pain made me do things I might have not done otherwise.I don’t know where the strength came from,but its source was the pain.

Yes we all have been hurt and if we use that pain to make ourselves a better person,instead of letting it destroy us piece by piece,wouldn’t the world be a happier place?Now this makes sense,everything happens for a reason.You go through a situation that changes you completely and makes you a stronger person.You become more confident about handling a bigger problem with ease,’coz you now know how to handle small problems.

I’m not promoting the fact that you should bear sufferings patiently when you need to speak up.There you definitely shouldn’t remain silent and fight for what is right.All I’m trying to say is that,you need not see pain entirely as a bad thing.Instead you should channel the negativity in it and turn your situation around.You will be a lot happier!I call this finding happiness even in pain.