Lost Innocence

Sadness pulled him close
Drawn like a moth to a flame.
Hiding in her tresses,
He glumly peeked outside
And watched quietly as the world bustled by.

As his gaze fell upon her,
That scrawny little girl in rags
Selling flowers on the sidewalk
Vulnerable to lecherous advances,
He was transported back
To a different place,a different time.

Through the frames that flickered
In his prodigious mind castle,
He watched helplessly
As he was stripped of his innocence
Reliving every scar as if it were yesterday.

He watched his confidant
Morph into his biggest nightmare.
One that left him screaming into the darkness.

He watched helplessly as his family
Looked at him with disbelief.
“This doesn’t happen to boys” kept ringing in his ears
Over and over again, a broken tape recorder.

He watched helplessly as life went by
While he lost himself in that day
Like his life had hit pause forever.
No one seemed to notice the absence of his soul
While his body hustled in the crowd.

He watched helplessly
As he lived in constant fear.
Fear of losing what little was left of him.
So he spun a web around his heart
And covered it with a thousand thorns.

As his spirit returned
Exhausted from the daunting past,
He noticed that little girl come up to him.
A sense of protectiveness engulfed him.

The shell that he had built around
Shattered to a million pieces.
He had to take a stand.
He had to make a difference.
He wanted to save her innocence.

A significant number of victims of sexual abuse are male. What makes it even more difficult for them is the stereotype that victims of abuse are female.
Contrary to public beliefs, sexual assault can happen to anyone, irrespective of age, sexual orientation, or gender identity. Many a times male victims are more hesitant than female victims to speak out for fear of being judged harshly by the patriarchal society.

Picture Credits:Lapis-Lazuri


Rape-A disgusting truth

One of the issues that has always bothered me is the growing number of rape cases in India.The age group of women being raped varies from girls who are less than a year old to old women past the age of 70.It is disheartening to know that nothing is being done to even try and stop this from happening.

The most heinous rape case was the one in December 2012 where a young medical student “Nirbhaya” (named by the public which means “The brave one”)was brutally raped in a local bus by men completely drunk and left to die naked on the road.She battled for her life for thirteen days before succumbing to her injuries.

It is utterly disgusting how few Indian police officers blame the way young women dress as the reason they get raped.

They Invite trouble by dressing that way!”,”It is against our culture.”


They also make comments like “Boys make mistakes!”.Raping someone isn’t a mistake,it is a crime you commit when you violate a person’s body without their consent.

One of the ministers even used this issue as a campaign mechanism to gain votes.It is shameful to know that such shallow minded people exist in our country. 

BJP’s Rajya Sabha member and Madhya Pradesh party vice-president Raghunandan Sharma has come up with bizarre suggestions to check crime against women: Girls shouldn’t be allowed to use mobile phones before marriage and women shouldn’t wear jeans.  He termed cellphone usage by students, particularly young girls, as a big menace and the genesis of other evils. The BJP leader lambasted girls wearing jeans, saying it was the attire of American cowboys and in no way gelled with the Indian culture. 

A video of how women are sexually objectified,where men openly say that they chase women with tight dresses and short skirts because they can’t help themselves.


There was also a case in Mangalore where people call themselves “The Moral Police”  attack women going to pubs and treat them in the most inhuman way.How can they even call themselves humans?They beat,kick and even strip the lady.And they say they are doing this for the betterment of the society.If they don’t know how to respect women ,how are they doing us any good?

The one thing I cannot understand is how ruthless can these people be if they have to rape small innocent children and leave them scarred for life.What causes them to behave in such a way?Are they people who have never been in contact with the female species or are they normal looking people we find around us everyday.Don’t they have mothers,sisters,wives or daughters?

The solution they say to this is “Don’t let your daughter stay out late”,”Ask them not to dress up provocatively”,”They shouldn’t talk to boys”,”They shouldn’t be allowed to work”,”They should get married off at an early age”.


These are not solutions!This is taking away our basic right to freedom!

Why no one points a finger at any man and says “You must treat women with respect”.Why are boys not told “Don’t look at a girl with lust”.Why is it that only women have a moral responsibility to behave a certain way,and men can do whatever they wish to.

Here is a video from a TV show called Satyamev Jayate which means ” Truth Alone Triumphs” .In this episode women share their real life experiences.I know it is divided into 6 parts but it is only about an hour.Please do give it a watch.It shows the exact reality of the ongoing situation.

Part-1, Part-2,Part-3,Part-4,Part-5,Part-6


P.S:I’ve only mentioned a few cases here.There are many cases which go unreported for fear of being looked down by society as if it is the victim’s fault foe being raped.