The Kohl- Smeared Warrior

Holding on to every word you said,
Re-reading conversations until the next time you’d text.
Checking my phone, hoping to find a message I missed.
Reminiscing each time we kissed.

Replaying every conversation,
Trying to fill the gaps in communication.
Where did all the doubts creep in?
When did our hearts stop beatin’
As one.

As I sit alone on this chilly night,
I let my fears take control.
All those times you took me for granted,
Each time that I longed to feel wanted.

Memories come rushing back.
Did you ever stop and think,
that maybe one day the tables would turn.
One day I’d stop calling, stop texting.
Making it look like I never existed.

Time is a funny thing you see,
It molds us into whom we need to be.
Broken hearts makes us stronger,
Kohl- smeared eyes see clearer.

Your phone is no longer filled with unanswered calls,
You’d no longer have to deal with the drama that ensued from it all.
You’re no longer trapped.
Letting you go has set me free, pushing me to dream bigger.
Than I ever could when you were with me.

Let me know what you are thinking!

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