Amongst all the lost faces in the crowd,

On a street corner of a busy Bangalore road,

I search for your face or maybe a shadow, of the person I used to know.


Time had come to a standstill,

As you dropped me home that day.

I knew as I hugged you goodbye,

That this was it.It was all over.


But my heart, stubborn as I was refused to accept what destiny had in store for us.

How could I come back from this?

My heart had been broken way too many times.


All its pieces strung together loosely, I clutched them tightly against my chest.

As i was swooned over by your lame jokes and your love for detail.

I fell , I fell fast with every word that escaped from your lips.

I fell even for the silliest things you did or said.


Now, how could i stay still as my heart picked up twice it’s pace.

Nothing seemed to be in place.

Tears constantly streamed down my face.


When loneliness crept into my mind during those dark times,

I’d rewind and go back.

Go back to the times you said these scars I flaunted made me beautiful.

How could I ever know, that these would be the very reason you left.


The longer I try to hold on,

The faster my grasp is loosened.

I can see everything slide through in a blur.


Time did heal a few wounds.

But not all wounds can heal on its own.

I had to hold my tears back.

I had to smile until I believed it. I had to, for myself.


I knew I had to fight my way through,

Out of this pit of self-pity dug deep.

Who are you to make me cry,

I now have gotten used to this way too many times.





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