Accepting Love

Something I’ve been wanting to write about since a long time.My friend Zee has aptly written this post. ❤

Life Confusions

Weekly Photo Challenge: Gathering


You have to accept the love you get, not more not less. You have to understand that people give you love they are capable of. You can’t expect more from them.

Not only To keep yourself from getting hurt but to be fair to them too. They give what they are capable of, take it with open arms and appreciate it. Path to expectation, especially love, is a destructive road. You only end up hurting yourself while most of the time the other person is oblivious to it. You have to understand people love the way they can, the only ways they know they can. The day you learn to accept and be happy with whatever amount of love you get, is the day you will be freed.

I’m not saying to settle for less than you think you deserve, Not at all. Never settle for…

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