An open honest letter to whoever cares to read


Note:People who get offended by this may kindly throw their views out the window.I DON’T CARE!

To an abuser we’ve all unfortunately known at some point in our lives.
You think you’ll never be caught because no one saw you nor does your victim have any proof of your dirty works.Here are some of the pathetic excuses I’ve got from google.Yes they all are real.

“Oh,so you didn’t have sex with her!” -And that somehow makes it all okay!
“She was wearing jeans.”-So you say you were trying to teach her a lesson because she dresses indecently and some other man would have done it anyway.
“You were JUST eve-teasing.It’s not that big of a deal!”
“The girl was drunk.I was just helping her out.”
“The girl ate chow-mein.”

Have you ever thought about the beast that you are?Who gave you any rights to decide what is right and wrong for her?If teaching her a lesson by violating her body is what you consider correction,God help your daughters.
You must know that there is someone who is much more powerful than you,that is God.He has recorded all your deeds. Remember that even if you aren’t punished by here on earth,God has heard her incessant cries and been with her on every sleepless night.And God is JUST.
To every person who sides with an abuser.
A mother,a father,a sibling or friend.Supporting them isn’t called love. It’s blatantly ignoring the truth in front of you because you can’t face it. A parent who truly loved her son would correct him and help him change instead of covering up. You  know are equally responsible for the misery you put the girls through.Sleepless and haunted nights don’t sound very nice do they?

To every victim of sexual abuse.
It’s never your fault.No matter which condition you are in, no one has the right to do anything with you. You maybe be shocked initially with what happened but never be ashamed to tell everyone who your abuser is. I know it is humiliating narrating your story ‘coz no matter how many times you repeat it, it hurts the same each time.The abuser should never have to get away with this.When he is shamed in front of everyone, he’ll never dare to do the same to another person.You must never ever keep quiet. Raise your voice and keep fighting till justice prevails.Never give up!Be brave girl.

What I think is the biggest reason that a****** like these exist is because our society doesn’t acknowledge sexual abuse.I don’t blame the abuser completely.It is all a sum total of the exposure of the world we live in.

1.Living in a patriarchal society we are made to believe that women are the inferior race ,which is why men think they can treat women the way they want and get away with it.Men rape/sexually abuse because
i)They Cannot handle Rejection.
ii)To express their power.
iii)To take Revenge
iv)They are sexually frustrated
v)Believe porn is real*
*I recently read a newspaper article where a 17 year old boy murdered a 7 year old because he didn’t comply with the older boy’s sexual advances in recreating a scene from a porn movie.
2.Films,Ads,Magazines,etc. these days objectify women’s bodies.They make women look like toys that men should possess.

3.People fail to understand that rape can occur even  within the family.This is something that our society has not yet come to terms with.

4.Most people don’t report these crimes for fear of being humiliated and not to forget the constant reminder of what happened.

What I find most disgusting is Child abuse.Those innocent kids don’t even know what is going on.Most children remain mum after the abuse because of fear,and most of the times it keeps repeating.All their hurt is then carried to adulthood which is sometimes difficult to repair.Our mindset is what needs to change.Important issues need to be addressed. We need to learn to take responsibility for our actions and stop blaming the victim for what happened.He/She already has enough to cope up with.Instead join hands to bring him/her justice at the earliest.We have to work in this together to make the world a safer place.


P.S:Men are victims of sexual abuse too.I’ll have to write another article for that.Until then stay SAFE.