In a time not so far from now,
Between shared interests and the brokenness
That had for long occupied their half-empty hearts,
Two strangers felt complete.
In a moment of silence.
In a heartbeat.
In a fleeting glance.

Gloomy evenings witnessed countless dates.
A beautiful dance between Chicken Wings and Vanilla Blue,
And the unfolding of their deepest,darkest secrets.
The ones that had been tucked away safely
From judgmental views and remarks.

The walls of fear came crumbling down
And so did any others barriers she held.
He let go of his trust issues.
Together they dove in,head first
Into something that would change their lives forever.

Everything happens for a reason they believed
That them meeting wasn’t just coincidence,
But the universe conspiring.
Loneliness made them appreciate togetherness.
Fights did ensue as time passed
But love surpassed the desire.
To plant seeds of hatred.

As years rolled by, they grew.
Priorities changed.
They changed.
They drifted apart.
Love was the only constant.

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