Intangible Bonds

Living mindlessly in this facade she created
out of a tonne load of expectations
Of parents,friends and Extended family.
Everyone had a say,
in a life she believed was hers and hers alone.

All she wanted was to follow,
A dream,crazy though it may sound.
One filled with pure passion and zest.
A dream to add a creative touch to this bleak world.

She wanted to lose herself
In the million stars that the adorned the night sky.
Etching miniature constellations in her colloidal heart,
As her mind revelled in the the mysteries
Of the infinite galaxies that lay ahead.

A soul beating with wanderlust.
Caged in an environment
That was to be her safe haven.
Bound by Permissions and restrictions
All her life she’d lived.

A brave soul,was she.
She dared to dream.
She dreamt of breaking free from the intangible bonds,
That held her slaughtered hopes.

To the silent screams echoing,
As you pass her in the hallway
Or sit beside her in class.
Her struggle is real.
Look behind the mask she wears,
This facade she puts on.

Watch and understand,
As she paints stories of abuse
With drops staining the marble floor.
Draining out every disappointment,
Every fear that she ever had.
She completed it with a bright red splatter.
Now she was truly free.

Don’t you want me to fly with you again?

Dear Jet Airways,
You say I’m a valued customer and yet you keep doing things to make me want to never fly with you again.
What problem do you have with me? Why choose me?
My luggage weighs well within the stipulated weight limit and yet you decide to offload at least one of my bags each time I travel to Mumbai.
First time it was all, second time one.
Next time you better make sure it’s none.

First of all I don’t understand why you need to offload few bags when the flight is capable of carrying all the bags.If the flight isn’t capable then why overbook it?
Secondly, what I don’t understand is who gave you the rights to decide whose luggage to offload. How can you assume that I’m not travelling anywhere the same day.
Last time when I was travelling, you offloaded my luggage though I had a flight the very next day with  another airlines.You promised me that my luggage would reach by evening.
I being an innocent fool believed your empty words.You gave me the Jet Airways Mumbai Office number to contact for any further assistance  which I must say avoided my calls worse than one would avoid a stalking ex’s calls . I tried calling them for hours together but there was no response at all.
So the following day, I went to the International Airport just to find out about my luggage but guess what, they won’t let me in because I don’t have a ticket  and the Airport  authorities won’t budge from their AC offices to help out even after explaining the entire situation to them.
I ran around trying to get some help from you people but you just turned a deaf ear. At this point I had absolutely no idea where my luggage was.When my dad went to Airport office in Saudi they said they’ll look for it(After a day I get to know that it wasn’t sent on the next flight that day as you said they would).Since I was getting late for my flight to Mangalore which I had to catch from the domestic airport, I had to leave.

On reaching Mangalore,  my biggest concern was how to inform you that my luggage has to be delivered here and not Mumbai since you guys clearly didn’t know the usage of the box called telephone in your office.
You didn’t respond to my emails either.How did you expect me to gain your attention?
Finally after my dad spent two convective days going to the Jet Airways office in Dammam,Saudi Arabia they decided to intervene and track my luggage. My luggage reached my house in Mangalore after 5 days from the day I’d landed in Mumbai.
In spite of all that I dared to travel by your airlines again thinking it was only a one time incident, but you haven’t failed to disappoint me once again.
I don’t think I’ll need to think twice before deciding which airlines NOT to fly with.
Yours sincerely,
A frustrated Passenger.

Fly high


I sit by the window as it rains

and try to catch drops as they softly fall

probably some from my own life


all blended together into a huge dark cloud

that hovers endlessly in my life.

I rarely get a clear sky.



As i lift my eyes up to see the sky

I see birds flying high,

devoid of any worries of getting wet

in spite of the rain slowing their pace.

They rather seem to enjoy it,

as a small rift in the endless sky.


I want to live like them

not caring what comes next

taking one step at a time.

Its not difficult,I think

but reality jolts me back .

It’s like life is taunting me

telling me I must live life,

and holding me back with chains.

I  break away

to live life my way.

What people say won’t stop me now

I will have to try,spread those wings

 and learn how to fly.