Three Musketeers plus two

I’d written this for my cousin who turned 21 few days back.Wish you all the happiness in the world Ishi :*

Three girls huddled together on the couch,
Their feet high above the ground.
A lazy afternoon
spent at nana’s place
wondering what to play
after exhausting all  games they knew at their age.

The three musketeers
as they were called
could bring the entire household down.
With Toofan mail in the lead,
Ishi and Jess,were her partners in crime.

Whether it was pulling books down from Nana’s bookshelf
to running around the house playing catch,
they had done it all.

Fast forward a few years
three young girls huddled on the same couch
now with a small boy and a baby girl.
Overjoyed at their newfound accomplices,
They planned to take over the little world they lived in.

And so began the training of the little ones
Toofan mail taught how to care selflessly.
Ishi taught them how to have fun.
Jess taught them how to play.
Together they went on missions,
it was them against the world.

Many years later,
smarter and more mature
the three musketeers and plus two
knew not, if they would conquer the world.
But know for a fact
that they have each others.


Wish I could turn back time

rewind a few years back.

The time I got my first walkman

Rewind,Stop and Play.

Back to the time when

playing was all that was on my mind.

Carefree,riding on my red bike

into the calm evening.

It’s weird how fast things change.

How soon you grow up.

I realise that I’m too big

for daddy’s shoulders.

I’ve outgrown those silly games

that I played over and over.

I can’t make mistakes

and still look cute.

Reminiscence is all that’s left of them.

It’s my only way to travel back in time.