I Love writing because it makes me feel alive!There is no better way to express my emotions than writing.

I’m a regular girl with hopes and dreams to one day travel the world.

Currently I’m doing my 4th yr.B.Tech in IT.I’ve a job which I’ll be joining next year after completing my degree.Please don’t stop visiting my page if I don’t post daily.I love all of you guys ❤


I love coffee, pasta,ferrero rocher chocolates and blue-berry cheesecake.All time favorite food!





Puppies make me happy.Since I’m not allowed to keep pets in the hostel.I play with these adorable stray puppies .



Apart from writing,I love dancing though I might not be that good at it.But heck,Who cares! I love singing too,but I try not to when my roommate is around.She doesn’t really appreciate it.

I love baking though I’m just an amateur.My cakes are called volcano cakes ‘coz no matter how I mix the batter it always turns out like a volcano.I also love making different types of chaat( savoury snacks).

puppies (2)



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