Three Musketeers plus two

I’d written this for my cousin who turned 21 few days back.Wish you all the happiness in the world Ishi :*

Three girls huddled together on the couch,
Their feet high above the ground.
A lazy afternoon
spent at nana’s place
wondering what to play
after exhausting all  games they knew at their age.

The three musketeers
as they were called
could bring the entire household down.
With Toofan mail in the lead,
Ishi and Jess,were her partners in crime.

Whether it was pulling books down from Nana’s bookshelf
to running around the house playing catch,
they had done it all.

Fast forward a few years
three young girls huddled on the same couch
now with a small boy and a baby girl.
Overjoyed at their newfound accomplices,
They planned to take over the little world they lived in.

And so began the training of the little ones
Toofan mail taught how to care selflessly.
Ishi taught them how to have fun.
Jess taught them how to play.
Together they went on missions,
it was them against the world.

Many years later,
smarter and more mature
the three musketeers and plus two
knew not, if they would conquer the world.
But know for a fact
that they have each others.

My journey with Mom


lil me


  As a little girl,

you held my hand,

when the world said I couldn’t stand again.

You taught me,played with me.

You did everything to make me smile.

Years pass by…

Your eyes meet mine

I know you can sense the battle within.

You want to help,but this is mine.

You plead for an answer,the only thing I don’t have.

The fear of being asked the same questions over and over

questions,to which I don’t have any answers.

Though I’m away from you,

I hope you know I’ll always love you.

But this is what I want to do,

have to follow my dream.

I’ve grown wings to fly,

so I can fly high and touch the sky.

No matter where I go,

I’ll always be your little girl.

The road seems long

without you by my side,for you were my only guide.

In you I could always confide.

You have always been there for me

to wipe a tear,shower unending love.

A friend,a hope

a reason life is still worthwhile.

A constant source of unending grace

With you I’ve become a better being.

You taught me to be strong

never give up even when life gets rough.

The love you have for me

overpowers all the evil around me.

I promise I won’t let you down.

One day you will look at me and say

that is my baby girl,

I’m proud of you.

I’ll be there


When you can’t tie your shoelaces

they get entangled and twisted,complicated

Call my name and I’ll be there

to tie them.

When you get into a serious fight

and trust no one again

Call my name and I’ll be there,

you can trust me.

When life doesn’t go the way you want.

When tears stream down your face as your heart cries out

Call my name and I’ll be there

to wipe them away.

As you walk the road of despair,

turning back to find nobody there.

Call my name and I’ll be there

and I’ll walk with you.

When you try hard and don’t succeed

and all you can think of is giving up

Call my name and I’ll be there

to encourage you.

When you feel insecure

people constantly bring you down

Call my name and I’ll be there

to love you.

When you fear falling down

and stop walking altogether

Call my name and I’ll be there

to lift you up.

I love you baby sister

and I’ll always be there.

My longest relationship!

My longest relationship…  


Well, I think most of us have experienced that kind,the one that never ends.

It all began when I was in my mother’s womb.She loved me before even laying eyes on me.She began caring for me before I was born.

When I was a little girl,my daddy worked in another country.During those times my mom not only played her part as my mother,but gave me daddy’s share of love too.Due to my inquisitive nature I always had many questions for mom,and she would answer each one patiently.She played with me,oversaw my studies and told me stories at night to put me to sleep.

As I entered teenage,I kind of grew apart from her.I used to get angry at her.But she never stopped caring for me,even if it was from a distance.Looking back,I feel stupid to have even let such thoughts into my head.

As I started becoming mature,I realized that my mom only wanted the best for me.All the things she did or said were so that I didn’t  get hurt.

She has always been there for me.My pillar,my unending source of strength.When I’ve failed in life she was there to tell me,”Don’t worry I’m right here,You will get through this!”.She believed in me when I stopped believing in myself.She has always supported me.Its only because of her that I’ve become what I am.

Out of all the relations on earth, I believe this one is the most beautiful.



My little angel


“A sister is a gift to the heart, a friend to the spirit,a golden thread to the meaning of life”

I still remember the first time,you came home from the hospital.I was at the door waiting,to see the newest addition to our family,a little sister I could play dolls with and dress up.You  were wrapped in this cute pink onesie sleeping peacefully in mom’s arms.I welcomed you with a kiss on your tiny cheek and you gave me an innocent smile.From there our bond has now taken shape into a beautiful relationship.

I loved doing everything for you right from changing your pampers to playing with you.It filled me with joy and made me feel truly like an elder sister.Taking care of you in the bus gave me a sense of responsibility.Making breakfast for you when mom wasn’t there something I hadn’t ever done in my life before but didn’t care because you were hungry,yelling at Maria in the bus because she made you cry.I miss the way you used to come to my class everyday just to show your friends your elder sister.I miss going to school with you.

Getting mad at you for being the totally annoying brat that you are,and you shamelessly continue doing so.Our late night crazy conversations,where we would tell each other everything ,that I miss them the most.I wish I could go back in time and cherish each and every moment that I spent with you.

The hugs and kisses you have given me over the years,I might not say it but each one holds a special place in my heart.

As time passed we have had our share of fights.I know that sometimes I’ve been the “really mean Elder sister” and I’m truly sorry if I’ve hurt you in any way.

You have helped me grow in so many ways.Sometimes I just sit and wonder how much better I’ve become because of you.

I love you my darling little sister and I know my life wouldn’t be the same without you!