A different road

Dreams are scattered
In the seas of expectations.
How much can be expected
out of a single being?

How much further should I go,
To prove my worth,
And that marks isn’t all that makes me?

Is it that big a crime,
If I falter along the way?
Bruise my knee a little,
Make me immune to the pain.

Is it wrong if I decide,
This isn’t the life that I dreamt of living.
Dump my present plans,
And start afresh?

No, I don’t hate it entirely,


ust the pressure along,

Makes me wanna explode.

I might not be sure,

where I’m heading.


t will surely make it big someday.

What must I sacrifice,
To do what I truly love?
The things that I’m actually good at,
And to mess up things I’m not?

Will I get awkward stares,
As I cross the road?
And people begin whispering
About the girl who dropped out.

Isn’t happiness a good thing?
Then why do I have to think twice,
If I decide I want to be different?

Not follow the rest of the world,

Instead make a way,


here no one has ever tread before.

Ego issues

Daily prompt-Ready,Set,Done.

Starve your ego,feed your soul.

Today something happened in class that got me thinking about how big a person’s ego can be.

Recently I had my mid term exams.Today our teacher announced that the papers had been corrected and we could come and check our marks.So as I hear, a guy from our class,lets name him Mr.X went to see his papers as well.I think he expected more marks so he began arguing with the teacher about how she didn’t teach according to the textbook.I mean who talks like that.Did he expect to be spoonfed every detail from the textbook?That was one thing.Instead of being polite in asking her where he went wrong,Mr.X was rude.

This hurt my teacher deeply as she had put her soul into teaching us this subject.She was one of the best teachers in our dept. I’d often heard other classes complaining about how poorly they were taught this subject and how they wish they had our teacher.

When she asked him in class why he did so,he bluntly replied “I’m sorry if I was rude,but I don’t think I was.” Seriously?An ego filled apology.I even saw a tear slip out of the corner of her eye.I couldn’t understand how someone could be so insensitive to sadness.What would he lose if he just said those three words “I am sorry”.I don’t get it how some people these days can talk like that to someone in authority,without any feelings of guilt or regret.Would he lose a little of his ego,if he apologized?

Now,thanks to Mr.X our teacher got so mad that she has stopped teaching like the way she used to.So who suffers because of Mr.X?The entire class.

So why i’m telling you people all this?I was really upset with Mr.X’s attitude towards our teacher,and writing this made me feel better.I  even tried talking some sense into Mr.X but he was adamant.

Blame game

She called him a monster without realising that she was the one feeding him

–From a fragment of my creative mind 😀

Many a times we find it convenient to blame others for all the things going wrong in our life.Suddenly we feel better knowing that it had nothing to do with us.

Anger builds inside
Blood rushes through my veins.
All my weak moments Flash before me
Like scenes of a movie.

Irritated, I try to divert my mind
I find myself walking down memory lane.
All those wrong choices
Taunt me, they hurt me.

A scream escapes my mouth.
It wasn’t my fault
I make myself believe.
It’s easier to blame
It lessens the pain, the shame.

I do not want to accept
It was me all along
That I was to blame.

I bottle up my frustrations
Till I can’t hold them in anymore
End up hurting people who love, who care.

Why do I find it so hard
To stop the blame game
And my ego tame.