Hush,Don’t Cry


Hush don’t cry

it was a phase ,that flew by.

You were in love,

oh so much in love

but now its over

and you must accept

you’ve changed forever.

Hush,don’t cry

don’t hold yourself back

let go of everything

that has ever made you sad.

All the pain,

the twisting hurricane

that blew it to pieces.

It all happened for a reason

one that you might not foresee,

but trust me you’d appreciate

this storm in life’s sea.

Hush,don’t cry

it wasn’t your fault

all those petty fights and arguments

have made you strong.

You now understand

your goal from here beyond.

Hush,don’t cry

sorrow doesn’t last long

you’ll get by this

just sing a song.

Dream large,dream far

this life is calling you

to places far beyond.

Sing and dance

you are a carefree soul

in this quiet haven

where peace overflows.

Hush,don’t cry

you must move forward

with all your might

gather that courage

hidden deep inside.

Cover up every scar and smile

like you’ve never cried.

The fire that never dies

“You never know how strong you are,until being strong is the only choice you have.”

As I sat beside her,I gazed into her radiant eyes

A simple girl,so full of life.

Her smile,deceiving you  of her hurtful past.

The strength she possesses, doesn’t belong to many.

In her I’ve seen

the courage to fight back

to stand up even if,she was the only one.

The fire that kindles,

in the depths of her heart

keeps her going each day.

She takes life as it comes.

Not dwelling in the past,

nor worrying about the future.

Accepting its ups and downs,

without crying or complaining

with a smile,so full of grace.

An inner peace,no one can take.

An epitome of the bravest souls

she stands tall,

not afraid of what tomorrow might hold.

She glides through life,

with nothing but a smile.

My little angel


“A sister is a gift to the heart, a friend to the spirit,a golden thread to the meaning of life”

I still remember the first time,you came home from the hospital.I was at the door waiting,to see the newest addition to our family,a little sister I could play dolls with and dress up.You  were wrapped in this cute pink onesie sleeping peacefully in mom’s arms.I welcomed you with a kiss on your tiny cheek and you gave me an innocent smile.From there our bond has now taken shape into a beautiful relationship.

I loved doing everything for you right from changing your pampers to playing with you.It filled me with joy and made me feel truly like an elder sister.Taking care of you in the bus gave me a sense of responsibility.Making breakfast for you when mom wasn’t there something I hadn’t ever done in my life before but didn’t care because you were hungry,yelling at Maria in the bus because she made you cry.I miss the way you used to come to my class everyday just to show your friends your elder sister.I miss going to school with you.

Getting mad at you for being the totally annoying brat that you are,and you shamelessly continue doing so.Our late night crazy conversations,where we would tell each other everything ,that I miss them the most.I wish I could go back in time and cherish each and every moment that I spent with you.

The hugs and kisses you have given me over the years,I might not say it but each one holds a special place in my heart.

As time passed we have had our share of fights.I know that sometimes I’ve been the “really mean Elder sister” and I’m truly sorry if I’ve hurt you in any way.

You have helped me grow in so many ways.Sometimes I just sit and wonder how much better I’ve become because of you.

I love you my darling little sister and I know my life wouldn’t be the same without you!


Just a little while



I wish I could put the world on mute

especially that unpleasant dispute

just for a little while.


  A moment of silence,                                                        

to listen to that inner voice in my heart.

To feel peace flowing through every part,

to be in union with the creator,

 just for a little while.


I wish I could  erase

those bad memories

which linger in my mind,

tear-stained pillows

at dawn they find.

I wish I could lose the sense of touch

so that I wouldn’t feel

the pain deep inside.

Just for a little while.

For once I wish I could

put those books away,

and try to see the world ‘MY WAY’,

Just for a little whiile.

I wish to be detached from myself,

get to know the real me.

Just for a little while.

Is that too much to ask?

Just a little while.


Two worlds in Arabia

I grew up in a place where there were people from different strata of society.I went to a school where children of people with white collar jobs and janitors studied side by side.This was owing to the fact that  our school was the only Indian school amongst the vast ocean of Saudi schools present at that time.We were never indifferent to each other and got along pretty well.

Yes, I grew up in Saudi Arabia.I spent 14 years of my life there.It was like this place isolated from the rest of the world following its own set of rules.

And for a girl,the place is like a golden cage out of which she isn’t allowed to fly unless accompanied by a male member who is next of kin.We were made to wear abayah’s(the traditional black garb that women are supposed to wear)as we stepped out of the comfort of our houses.

Growing up,I realized my life was very different than the rest of the kids back home.Boys and girls didn’t study in the same school,because Islamic Law didn’t allow girls to interact with boys other than their relatives.Girls are not allowed to drive or go out anywhere on their own.One of the few places in the world where  women don’t use buses as daily means of travel.They have to depend on their husband or father to drop them off..Even in school girls were carefully protected from guys by huge iron gates and a dozen security guards.

It always gave me this sense of dependency where I wasn’t allowed to do anything on my own.I hated it.I wanted to go out on my own,do things for myself but it was impossible.I remember trying to learn to ride a cycle wearing my abayah,it was such a mess.

Rich people were so rich that they spent money like it grew on trees.They had the latest cars,branded clothes;everything anyone could ever want.But they didn’t have what they needed most-their freedom.

Then there was ARAMCO(the 1st oil company started in Saudi by Americans),the Dhahran Branch, which was like a small world in itself alienated from Saudi in every aspect.It was a place only a few privileged people who worked for the company could live.It was like any other American neighborhood where girls were free.They had a theater where they showed movies,a huge library,swimming pools and every other recreation center you could think of.It was an amalgam of cultures from every part of the world.You could say it was a mini world itself,a world where there was freedom  restricted by the boundaries of  the ARAMCO camp.

It never ceases to amaze me though,how two worlds totally apart could co-exist.



The Language Of Love


Love was born the day the world began.

It has flourished since then

in different hues,as if on cues.

Love has lived in the hearts of young and old alike,

in different forms and faces.

Love doesn’t differentiate

on the basis of race or color.

Love only knows to love.

I’ve seen love:

in a mother’s eyes

who starts caring for her child

even before laying eyes

on that bundle of innocence.

I’ve seen love:

in a father’s arms

waiting to embrace you

in-spite of all your mistakes.

I’ve seen love :

in the heart of a  friend

who values every tear,every smile.

Every emotion they comprehend

taking it as if it were their own.

I’ve seen love:

in a teacher

whose patience and encouragement

can drive you miles ahead

towards your goal.

I’ve seen love:

in the kindness

shown by some random stranger

on your unlucky day.

I’ve seen love:

in the words of comfort,offered to you

by your other half

who stands by you

through low and high tide.

I’ve seen love

dwell in the hearts of little children

who find joy,in everything around them.

Love only knows the language of love,It cannot hurt.

Love is never impatient nor evil,love endures.

Love gives you hope and strength to fight every battle before you.

Love will keep doing what it knows best,

that is to love.

Let me be ‘ME’

Its someone from deep within

There’s somebody else under my skin.

Struggling to come free

Out of the chains, its bonded to

Out of the person it was forced to be

I don’t know why

But its been like this for a while now.

Someone else I’ve tried to be

To gain power, attention

I cannot comprehend so easily

When I look in the mirror,

I see a different person staring back at me.

Someone whom I don’t recognize

But somehow feel connected to

What is it that I’m trying to do?

Destroying myself, instead of coming out of that shell

But I won’t hesitate anymore

To be ME

There is need for change and it cannot wait

My life is moving ahead,

Faster than I expected.

I’ve got to get a hold

On the things that define ME,

Before its lost completely.

For no one, but myself

I must change

To run free in this wide world

So that I can be the person

That was all along, within ME.