Always confused!!??

Daily Prompt: Land of Confusion

As my exams near,I feel this post is perfect!I love what I’m currently studying though.

1st year of engineering was a nightmare with two of my most hated subjects Electrical & Electronics ,one in each semester.Maybe I don’t hate electronics as much as I hate electrical.I don’t get it why they ask us to simplify those huge messed up  circuits!Engineers are supposed to make things simpler!



After 1st year ended I was relieved that I was free from those subjects for life.I knew a little of electronics would be there ‘coz I’m studying Information&Communication Technology but that was okay with me.My excitement however was short lived.The following semester I had a subject which combined both of those subjects in the deadliest way possible,to ensure that at the end of it,I’d be dead 😛

P.S:I can only hope that this subject won’t come to haunt me ever again.

The Rainbow Of My Life

This is for my best friend who turned 20! Happy Birthday Love! 🙂

Thanks for all the wonderful times,and looking forward to more!


You are as unpredictable as the rain.

You make me cry,

You make me laugh

with all your silly doings.

You are sweet as honey,pure as snow.

With your words in my heart you sow

feelings of love,joy and happiness

which help me grow.

You taught me to smile

and go that extra mile.

To make people happy,

just like you would.

You taught me that the world

can be a beautiful place

and filled my life with ice-cream glaze.

You are a rainbow,you brought the light

into this dull life of mine.


Daily Prompt: Born to Be With You

Beat the blues!

How to combat the blues!

What I do depends on the level that I’m down.

->If it is something small,singing can fix it.I love singing though my roommate complains that she will lose her hearing ability soon. 😛 Since I should care about her well being too,so I let my inner Rihanna free only when she isn’t around.

->If it is a little bigger,I have chocolate!There is nothing that chocolate can’t fix!



->What I usually do when I’m almost crying is,I write.Nothing makes me feel better than pouring out all my emotions on paper.It is way better than taking it out on people.That is the reason most of my poems are sad.

->And if nothing works out, my roommate gives me a bear hug!(Though she is the kind that is allergic to hugs).

Three moments I’ll never forget!

Daily Prompt: Moments to Remember

Three most memorable moments in my life….

1.When I got my 10th grade award for Academic Excellence( 9.8 GPA )on stage by the Indian Ambassador to K.S.A.My parents were in the audience and they were proud of me.I don’t think anything can beat that feeling.

2.When I got 1st place in the entire 5th grade for an elocution competition in school.My dad’s efforts to prepare me for for weeks, paid off.  🙂

 The same year I won 1st place in an elocution competition in konkani.I’ll always remember this because the prize I got was my very first Cassette Walkman! 

3.When I got a mail from my college saying that I got a seat!For weeks I had gone through the disappointment of not getting a positive reply from any of the colleges I’d applied to.I was determined that I wouldn’t take a management seat.I wanted to get in on my merit.When the call finally came,It was beyond anything I’ve ever experienced.I was literally  jumping around the house with joy.

Sleepy Head

Daily Prompt: Mr. Sandman

If you ask my family and friends they would say I’m a heavy sleeper.I can’t say that they are wrong because I’ve proved it on several occasions.Once I fall asleep,my ears automatically shut out any kind of external noise.

I can’t help.I love sleeping!If I have my afternoon off,I’ll come back to my room and sleep.The result is I can’t sleep at night.


Not getting sleep when you want to sleep is the most annoying thing!

But in general its difficult to wake me up when I go to sleep.My mom would joke saying that even if there was an earthquake I’d still be sleeping soundly.Well that was my old self.

Things have changed drastically after coming  to college. I’ve learnt to wake up on my own when the alarm rings.(My mom thinks that is a miracle!).Old habits die hard,so I must admit that a time or two I’ve missed the first class because I didn’t hear my alarm.But that is only because I slept late doing an assignment or studying for a test.In my defense its better to sleep on my bed a little longer than on the table in class.

The kid inside each of us!

Daily Prompt: Young At Heart

  No matter how much I mature,the kid inside of me will always  be there.

Each one of us has a little kid that’s hidden deep inside.Some people are afraid to let the world see that side of them.They fear they might be      judged.But I say why not!Look at kids,they are carefree and happy.

->They don’t worry about the future.Here I’m not saying that you shouldn’t  have a goal in life, but instead of worrying how your future might be,work hard and leave the rest to god.  

-> If they have an issue with someone they are straight forward about it and its even forgotten the next day.No grudges.That is what I love most    about little kids.They forgive and forget so easily!

 -> When they dance,they dance like crazy(People find it cute too).Why bother what others think.

->Work hard,play harder.One thing I miss the most.These days I trade most of my free time to complete projects or catch lost sleep.

->When in doubt,ask mom & dad.No matter how old I am,I would like to take advice from my parents in certain cases.

->Early to bed,Early to rise! Thanks to engineering I don’t have a fixed schedule.


P.S:Comment and let me know if I missed anything!