Silver Lining


Complaints never ceasing

of the smallest of issues,

 hardly making a difference

in my comparatively easy life.

Love and comfort given without any measure

yet I always find something missing or not enough.


She was different though,bubbling with life.

Her smile and comforting words

would get you over a bad day.

She had her rules and take  on life.

Always fighting for the greater good,

she could stand against anyone.


A glance at her could never reveal

her difficult and painful past.

She could hide it all with a smile.

An epitome of endless courage,

she never complained

instead she faced it all.


I wonder where she’d draw

her patience and strength from,

to fight her battles.

Each day,a new battle emerges

from the mountain of worries

adding to her misery.

Even these couldn’t deter her

from smiling or fighting back

with poise and grace.


I wish all could share

the strength she possesses.

Looking for a hint of good

even in the worst situation.

Hoping and trusting

that all that happens

is not without reason.

Believing in that silver lining

that lines the dark cloud.

My journey with Mom


lil me


  As a little girl,

you held my hand,

when the world said I couldn’t stand again.

You taught me,played with me.

You did everything to make me smile.

Years pass by…

Your eyes meet mine

I know you can sense the battle within.

You want to help,but this is mine.

You plead for an answer,the only thing I don’t have.

The fear of being asked the same questions over and over

questions,to which I don’t have any answers.

Though I’m away from you,

I hope you know I’ll always love you.

But this is what I want to do,

have to follow my dream.

I’ve grown wings to fly,

so I can fly high and touch the sky.

No matter where I go,

I’ll always be your little girl.

The road seems long

without you by my side,for you were my only guide.

In you I could always confide.

You have always been there for me

to wipe a tear,shower unending love.

A friend,a hope

a reason life is still worthwhile.

A constant source of unending grace

With you I’ve become a better being.

You taught me to be strong

never give up even when life gets rough.

The love you have for me

overpowers all the evil around me.

I promise I won’t let you down.

One day you will look at me and say

that is my baby girl,

I’m proud of you.

Road trips


I particularly enjoy road trips.The only annoying thing is pain in every inch of your body developed due to sitting upright for long hours.But that can be fixed with a stop over at a small coffee shop.There aint nothin’ coffee can’t fix 😀

I like that we can travel at our own speed,stop wherever we want to,which is usually not the case with public transport.Also these road trips bring the family closer.We get to have more fun with each other that usually doesn’t happen on a normal day,thanks to everyone’s busy schedules.

On the way to Goa


 On the Bahrain Bridge

It is a twenty-five kilometers bridge which connects Saudi Arabia and Bahrain.



The battle of the library chairs

 Everyone is busy preparing for the impending hurricane that is going to turn and toss their entire self around.Well I did exaggerate a little here I guess,but I was talking about the end semester exams.Suddenly even the most uninterested person has opened his books in a futile attempt to gain some knowledge by flipping the pages of that huge textbook he just issued from the library the day before.The library is where everyone flocks to get inspired to start studying.The couple in the corner have refrained from engaging in PDA(Public Display of Affection) and are finally looking at their books are wondering how they never noticed they were upside down.

The library opens at 8:00 AM.Only the early birds are seen around at that time.Who wouldn’t want to catch some extra sleep,after cursing the college for holding 8’o clock classes.By 9:00 AM the library seats start getting occupied gradually.Students who come earlier reserve seats for their friends who will hopefully join them soon.Around 11:00 AM most of the library has been occupied hardly leaving any vacant seats.

That is when the battle starts,the battle of the library chairs.Guys who don’t get seats wander in the library like hungry lions waiting to pounce on an empty chair and claim victory.They first come and ask politely for the apparently “reserved seats” that are not yet occupied.When the answer is a straight no,that is when the anger builds and he plots revenge.He waits for an opportunity where the guard of the chairs is engrossed in his/her books and then stealthily takes away that reserved chair,with a big grin of victory on his face.

Many a times,innocent people are victims of this battle.They leave their place only for a moment to answer nature’s call and when they are back their chair has disappeared.For a while he sits on the table and continues to study.But later on he decides that he has had enough and has to get his chair back.Since he isn’t aware of who took his chair so he takes up the role of the hungry angry lion waiting to prey on an empty chair.This is how the balance is restored and the vicious cycle goes on.


P.S:I was caught in this madness today as I was trying to study in the library and it was very amusing.

Picture credits:Google