Always confused!!??

Daily Prompt: Land of Confusion

As my exams near,I feel this post is perfect!I love what I’m currently studying though.

1st year of engineering was a nightmare with two of my most hated subjects Electrical & Electronics ,one in each semester.Maybe I don’t hate electronics as much as I hate electrical.I don’t get it why they ask us to simplify those huge messed up  circuits!Engineers are supposed to make things simpler!



After 1st year ended I was relieved that I was free from those subjects for life.I knew a little of electronics would be there ‘coz I’m studying Information&Communication Technology but that was okay with me.My excitement however was short lived.The following semester I had a subject which combined both of those subjects in the deadliest way possible,to ensure that at the end of it,I’d be dead 😛

P.S:I can only hope that this subject won’t come to haunt me ever again.

The kid inside each of us!

Daily Prompt: Young At Heart

  No matter how much I mature,the kid inside of me will always  be there.

Each one of us has a little kid that’s hidden deep inside.Some people are afraid to let the world see that side of them.They fear they might be      judged.But I say why not!Look at kids,they are carefree and happy.

->They don’t worry about the future.Here I’m not saying that you shouldn’t  have a goal in life, but instead of worrying how your future might be,work hard and leave the rest to god.  

-> If they have an issue with someone they are straight forward about it and its even forgotten the next day.No grudges.That is what I love most    about little kids.They forgive and forget so easily!

 -> When they dance,they dance like crazy(People find it cute too).Why bother what others think.

->Work hard,play harder.One thing I miss the most.These days I trade most of my free time to complete projects or catch lost sleep.

->When in doubt,ask mom & dad.No matter how old I am,I would like to take advice from my parents in certain cases.

->Early to bed,Early to rise! Thanks to engineering I don’t have a fixed schedule.


P.S:Comment and let me know if I missed anything!