Love is all you need

I’m sipping a cup of coffee and thinking about the one thing that everyone in the world needs irrespective of their gender,caste or religion.It’s LOVE.Our world is so much in need of this emotion.

Everyone seems to be empty within,and they need someone to fill that void.Each and every person desires to be loved.Love can come  in different forms during a lifetime.It is present everywhere.Maybe sometimes,we just don’t see it.

Now,according to the Greeks,there are basically four different types of love-  Storge,Philia,Eros and Agape.

4 types of love

1.Storge(affection):It’s the kind of love you have for your family.The sacrificial love that parents have for their children. Storge love is unconditional, it accepts flaws or faults and ultimately drives you to forgive.This kind of love also exists between siblings and other family members.This love gives you a sense of security,that the person giving you Storge love will always be there.

2.Philia(friendship):It is the love that blooms in friendships.Best friends will display this generous and affectionate love for each other as each seeks to make the other happy.It is a committed and chosen love.It can also be translated as a “brotherly love” OR “sisterly love”.Since philia love involves feelings of warmth and affection toward another person, we do not have this kind of love toward our enemies.

3.Eros(romantic love):It is the love between two people in a committed relationship.It’s more of a passionate and intense love.It is the love you have for “The one” or your “soul mate”.

4.Agape(unconditional love):The love that God has for us.This is an unconditional love that sees beyond the outer surface and accepts a person for whom he/she is, regardless of their flaws, shortcomings or faults. It’s also the type of love that everyone strives to have for their fellow human beings. Although you may not like someone, you decide to love them just as a human being. When you feel this kind of love for someone,it is giving and expecting nothing in return.

Don’t you think the world would be a much better place if everyone was loved.I understand that it is not really possible.But if you look closely at every fight,every thing that goes wrong, you’ll notice that the root cause was because that person was looking to be loved .

Not being loved can not only be very depressing but it also leads to feelings of being unwanted.Everything seems better when you are loved.You feel like going out and spreading that love.

So what I’m trying to say is that life is short,you don’t wanna waste it being sad and hurtful.Forgive quickly and love intensely.You’ll notice how different the world around you will be.

All you need is love.Love each and every person you come across even if you don’t like them.Wish good for people who  hurt you.Love unconditionally and don’t expect anything in return.So when you are loved,there is a greater sense of joy that fills your heart.

I believe that Love is a powerful thing that can not only change lives,but make the world a better place.

Ego issues

Daily prompt-Ready,Set,Done.

Starve your ego,feed your soul.

Today something happened in class that got me thinking about how big a person’s ego can be.

Recently I had my mid term exams.Today our teacher announced that the papers had been corrected and we could come and check our marks.So as I hear, a guy from our class,lets name him Mr.X went to see his papers as well.I think he expected more marks so he began arguing with the teacher about how she didn’t teach according to the textbook.I mean who talks like that.Did he expect to be spoonfed every detail from the textbook?That was one thing.Instead of being polite in asking her where he went wrong,Mr.X was rude.

This hurt my teacher deeply as she had put her soul into teaching us this subject.She was one of the best teachers in our dept. I’d often heard other classes complaining about how poorly they were taught this subject and how they wish they had our teacher.

When she asked him in class why he did so,he bluntly replied “I’m sorry if I was rude,but I don’t think I was.” Seriously?An ego filled apology.I even saw a tear slip out of the corner of her eye.I couldn’t understand how someone could be so insensitive to sadness.What would he lose if he just said those three words “I am sorry”.I don’t get it how some people these days can talk like that to someone in authority,without any feelings of guilt or regret.Would he lose a little of his ego,if he apologized?

Now,thanks to Mr.X our teacher got so mad that she has stopped teaching like the way she used to.So who suffers because of Mr.X?The entire class.

So why i’m telling you people all this?I was really upset with Mr.X’s attitude towards our teacher,and writing this made me feel better.I  even tried talking some sense into Mr.X but he was adamant.

Road trips


I particularly enjoy road trips.The only annoying thing is pain in every inch of your body developed due to sitting upright for long hours.But that can be fixed with a stop over at a small coffee shop.There aint nothin’ coffee can’t fix 😀

I like that we can travel at our own speed,stop wherever we want to,which is usually not the case with public transport.Also these road trips bring the family closer.We get to have more fun with each other that usually doesn’t happen on a normal day,thanks to everyone’s busy schedules.

On the way to Goa


 On the Bahrain Bridge

It is a twenty-five kilometers bridge which connects Saudi Arabia and Bahrain.



A Life Never Lived

Heart touching!

The Catharsis of a Poet

This poem is dedicated to Manal Zahir (1994-2014), who died battling cancer. May her soul rest in peace…
A Life Never Lived
A life never lived,
Dreams never accomplished,
All lost in the abyss…
She was like you and I,
A young flower,
A sweet beam of hope,
But now she is gone forever…
She held unto her pain,
Never lost courage,
But lost the battle of life…
Prayers clung to her battered soul,
But they couldn’t help her…
She died a brutal death,
Of unfinished days, desires and dreads.
She would never walk down the aisle,
She would never hope for a future,
She would never live again…

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