I’m trying out something new here.Hope you guys like it ūüôā


I tremble as you hold me
Your eyes gazing into mine.
You pull me closer,
my whole being mesmerized
as you cast your spell.

With your arms wrapped around me,
Your endless kisses land softly on my neck.
You push back a strand of my hair
and gently lean in for a kiss.

I push you away playfully,
Teasing you as I run around.
You think you can catch me,
So you give in.

Now we are running around
like little kids playing catch.
At one point you almost catch me
But I guess I’m just better at this.

When we catch up,
I can feel your heart racing.
Emotions capsize
and your strong arms contain me.

This wasn’t a whirlwind romance.
You were different.
In your soothing words
In your gentle touch,
I’d found comfort
to finally piece my broken heart.

Intimacy is redefined,
All I wanna do is make you mine.
With you by my side,
I know I can always kiss sadness goodbye.

A Walk to Remember


Exams bring out the best in me. My mind is brimming with ideas.
Hope all of you are doing good. I promise I’ll be back as soon as I’m done with my exams. ūüė• I miss you guys.

My journey with Mom


lil me


  As a little girl,

you held my hand,

when the world said I couldn’t stand again.

You taught me,played with me.

You did everything to make me smile.

Years pass by…

Your eyes meet mine

I know you can sense the battle within.

You want to help,but this is mine.

You plead for an answer,the only thing I don’t have.

The fear of being asked the same questions over and over

questions,to which I don’t have any answers.

Though I’m¬†away from you,

I hope you know I’ll always love you.

But this is what I want to do,

have to follow my dream.

I’ve grown wings to fly,

so I can fly high and touch the sky.

No matter where I go,

I’ll always be your little girl.

The road seems long

without you by my side,for you were my only guide.

In you I could always confide.

You have always been there for me

to wipe a tear,shower unending love.

A friend,a hope

a reason life is still worthwhile.

A constant source of unending grace

With¬†you I’ve become a better being.

You taught me to be strong

never give up even when life gets rough.

The love you have for me

overpowers all the evil around me.

I promise I won’t let you down.

One day you will look at me and say

that is my baby girl,

I’m proud of you.