Our crazy night adventure




I remember this time when dad came from the office and asked all of us to get ready.As he started the car,he didn’t tell us where we were headed even after being asked several times (Later on I get to know even he didn’t know where we were going).He drove on for what seemed like forever(approx. 4-5 hrs.) and finally we reached a dead end.By this time all of us were dead tired as it was getting late and I had to go to school the next day.Dad didn’t utter a single word.All of us were so confused as to what was going on in his head.But for all we knew,we were lost.Dad stopped the car to ask for directions and finally we were on our way back home. That is when he finally started talking and told us that he did this because mom was complaining that we hadn’t gone out together anywhere in a long time.Yeah that’s my dad!We were so mad at him but  lucky him it wasn’t long before we were laughing about this incident.Weirdly though, this trip brought us closer together.


My longest relationship!

My longest relationship…  


Well, I think most of us have experienced that kind,the one that never ends.

It all began when I was in my mother’s womb.She loved me before even laying eyes on me.She began caring for me before I was born.

When I was a little girl,my daddy worked in another country.During those times my mom not only played her part as my mother,but gave me daddy’s share of love too.Due to my inquisitive nature I always had many questions for mom,and she would answer each one patiently.She played with me,oversaw my studies and told me stories at night to put me to sleep.

As I entered teenage,I kind of grew apart from her.I used to get angry at her.But she never stopped caring for me,even if it was from a distance.Looking back,I feel stupid to have even let such thoughts into my head.

As I started becoming mature,I realized that my mom only wanted the best for me.All the things she did or said were so that I didn’t  get hurt.

She has always been there for me.My pillar,my unending source of strength.When I’ve failed in life she was there to tell me,”Don’t worry I’m right here,You will get through this!”.She believed in me when I stopped believing in myself.She has always supported me.Its only because of her that I’ve become what I am.

Out of all the relations on earth, I believe this one is the most beautiful.



Daily Prompt: I Believe

Three things I believe to be true:

1.God exists.He is present everywhere and is watching over us.

2.Whatever happens,happens for a reason.We may not see it at the moment,but its always for the good.

3.’Love’ is a powerful emotion.I believe it can change people for the better.

What I believe is false:

1.Heaven doesn’t exist.If god exists,heaven also exists.

It does!Where do you think people go after they die?

2.Some people can  never be redeemed.

Its never to late to turn over a new leaf.Now whether the person decides to change or not is a personal choice.All they need is a chance and the right guidance.

3.”I can’t forgive.”

When you don’t forgive a person,you hold onto a part of them that keeps opening the wound they caused.But when you forgive, you free yourself from that bondage and in time can put it behind you.



Daily Prompt: Something So Strong

God made us best friends because he knew that our moms couldn’t handle us as sisters.

This is the story of how I met my best friend.One that I always love to tell.

It all began when I was in third grade.I was a very shy and reserved girl.The teacher told my parents that I hardly spoke in class and didn’t open up at all.But little did she know this was all going to change.Republic day was due in a month and each class had to present the folk dance of one of the states in India.My class was to represent Uttaranchal.

Since I had short hair back then,I was made a guy and MPD (my best friend),my partner.(This is because I studied in an all-girls school).So practice for the big day started, and as I got to know her I learnt that we both belonged to the same place in India.We both could now speak in Konkani (native language of Mangalore)and no one around us would understand.It was like we had a secret language only we could communicate in.In less than few weeks from being the quietest girl in class I’d escalated to being the most talkative.She had changed me completely.We started talking so much that our teacher had to separate us so that we would stop talking so that she could go ahead with the dance practice.After this we were both transferred  to different classes in fourth grade.Few years rolled by and we lost contact.

Then came sixth grade.We happened to be in the same class.I was happy to see her back in  my class.We shared this connection,like our craziness was compatible.We were know as the mischievous pair.All through 6th and 7th grade our friendship grew stronger and has been like that ever since.We have fought over the silliest of reasons,only to make our bond stronger.She has always had my back and I’m sure I’ll have hers too.There were times when we thought we would never talk to each other ever again,but even that couldn’t crumble us.This is one girl I’ll always love no matter how far apart we might be,after all we are soul sisters.

ImageDaily Prompt

Two worlds in Arabia

I grew up in a place where there were people from different strata of society.I went to a school where children of people with white collar jobs and janitors studied side by side.This was owing to the fact that  our school was the only Indian school amongst the vast ocean of Saudi schools present at that time.We were never indifferent to each other and got along pretty well.

Yes, I grew up in Saudi Arabia.I spent 14 years of my life there.It was like this place isolated from the rest of the world following its own set of rules.

And for a girl,the place is like a golden cage out of which she isn’t allowed to fly unless accompanied by a male member who is next of kin.We were made to wear abayah’s(the traditional black garb that women are supposed to wear)as we stepped out of the comfort of our houses.

Growing up,I realized my life was very different than the rest of the kids back home.Boys and girls didn’t study in the same school,because Islamic Law didn’t allow girls to interact with boys other than their relatives.Girls are not allowed to drive or go out anywhere on their own.One of the few places in the world where  women don’t use buses as daily means of travel.They have to depend on their husband or father to drop them off..Even in school girls were carefully protected from guys by huge iron gates and a dozen security guards.

It always gave me this sense of dependency where I wasn’t allowed to do anything on my own.I hated it.I wanted to go out on my own,do things for myself but it was impossible.I remember trying to learn to ride a cycle wearing my abayah,it was such a mess.

Rich people were so rich that they spent money like it grew on trees.They had the latest cars,branded clothes;everything anyone could ever want.But they didn’t have what they needed most-their freedom.

Then there was ARAMCO(the 1st oil company started in Saudi by Americans),the Dhahran Branch, which was like a small world in itself alienated from Saudi in every aspect.It was a place only a few privileged people who worked for the company could live.It was like any other American neighborhood where girls were free.They had a theater where they showed movies,a huge library,swimming pools and every other recreation center you could think of.It was an amalgam of cultures from every part of the world.You could say it was a mini world itself,a world where there was freedom  restricted by the boundaries of  the ARAMCO camp.

It never ceases to amaze me though,how two worlds totally apart could co-exist.