10 Things NRIs Deal With In India

Pretty much sums my three years of college. 😛

Reverse Focus

As an NRI who has lived for quite a long time in an ARAB country, the shift back home really tossed my senses. There’s quite a lot of things we are not accustomed to, but I have listed just a few here:

1) Liquid Curd
When we are served curd for the first time, the predictable question is “Why is it flowing?”. Let me tell you, we have only eaten SET curd irrespective of the seasons and we didn’t  pay a mini fortune for it.


2) Gaping People
People come to know we are NRIs and we are suddenly the subject of sly stares. And ridiculous questions like “Do you understand Hindi? Are you Indian?” are constantly asked. Making it clear here once and for all : NRI stands for Non Residential INDIAN. Get it? I swear, we look and talk the same.


3) The Streets
Have you realized that walking on…

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