Are you a Creep? Find out here.

This post serves as rules guys should keep in mind before they approach a girl.
Now you don’t want to be labelled as a Creep and appear on her blocked list.

Who is a creep?
A creep is someone who makes you uncomfortable with his or her words or actions.


Rule#1: Guys who use words like “dear”,”baby”,”swty”(supposedly sweetie) in a first time conversation are most likely to get blocked. These words are meant to be used when there exists a level of intimacy between people.


Guys need to understand that most girls don’t add guys they don’t know at all. It’s not our fault.
Right from when we are little we are taught not to talk to strangers. Also with the rate at which cyber crimes against women are being committed, Can you blame us if we block you?

Do not ask her for any kind of pictures when you have just started talking. That makes you look desperate.If you are genuinely interested in getting to know someone, that’s definitely not the way to go about it.


Most of the creeps out there have a “Never Give up Attitude”. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t replied back to any of their texts, they still have hope that you will one day.


Get the hint.If she hasn’t replied to your 100 messages, chances are she isn’t interested in talking to you.
Do yourself a favour and make better use of that time.

When a girl says no, please respect it and avoid becoming a crazy stalker.


Do not ask her to marry you in the first conversation unless you’re on


You need to get to know a person really well before you decide to spend your life with them. I’m sure she can’t make up her mind with just one text.

P.S:The last Rule mentioned was broken by some random guy when he asked my friend over facebook if he could marry her.They didn’t even have mutual friends.

Also,let me know if I missed any pointers. πŸ˜€

6 thoughts on “Are you a Creep? Find out here.

  1. Aussa Lorens says:

    So funny– I’m in an FB group and I recently posted a photo of a random weirdy who friended and then chatted me like “hello hi lovely beautiful so wow!” He clearly needs to read this post.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. lifeconfusions says:

    Hahaha, This was so funny Jess. My facebook’s Inbox “Others” section is filled with such creeps. Don’t know how do they even have this much time on there hands to send such random messages to every other girl they come across on Facebook !

    Awesome post Jess ! πŸ˜€


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