A different road

Dreams are scattered
In the seas of expectations.
How much can be expected
out of a single being?

How much further should I go,
To prove my worth,
And that marks isn’t all that makes me?

Is it that big a crime,
If I falter along the way?
Bruise my knee a little,
Make me immune to the pain.

Is it wrong if I decide,
This isn’t the life that I dreamt of living.
Dump my present plans,
And start afresh?

No, I don’t hate it entirely,


ust the pressure along,

Makes me wanna explode.

I might not be sure,

where I’m heading.


t will surely make it big someday.

What must I sacrifice,
To do what I truly love?
The things that I’m actually good at,
And to mess up things I’m not?

Will I get awkward stares,
As I cross the road?
And people begin whispering
About the girl who dropped out.

Isn’t happiness a good thing?
Then why do I have to think twice,
If I decide I want to be different?

Not follow the rest of the world,

Instead make a way,


here no one has ever tread before.

3 thoughts on “A different road

  1. lifeconfusions says:

    Awwh Dear jess, I get where you are coming from, this pressure (usually from parents) can be very hard to handle and can make one crumble under the pressure. There is NO shame in being different, different and unique is what makes you YOU. Never lose your identity.
    But do remember sometimes parents see what we can’t see. They do want the best for us even if we or even they don’t understand it at the time.
    I don’t know what you are going through so as your older sister jut wanted to chime in somethings to help you out, hope you wont mind. If you ever want to talk about anything you know where to find me. You can even shot me up an email.
    With Love,
    Zee ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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