Blame game

She called him a monster without realising that she was the one feeding him

–From a fragment of my creative mind 😀

Many a times we find it convenient to blame others for all the things going wrong in our life.Suddenly we feel better knowing that it had nothing to do with us.

Anger builds inside
Blood rushes through my veins.
All my weak moments Flash before me
Like scenes of a movie.

Irritated, I try to divert my mind
I find myself walking down memory lane.
All those wrong choices
Taunt me, they hurt me.

A scream escapes my mouth.
It wasn’t my fault
I make myself believe.
It’s easier to blame
It lessens the pain, the shame.

I do not want to accept
It was me all along
That I was to blame.

I bottle up my frustrations
Till I can’t hold them in anymore
End up hurting people who love, who care.

Why do I find it so hard
To stop the blame game
And my ego tame.

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