Silver Lining


Complaints never ceasing

of the smallest of issues,

 hardly making a difference

in my comparatively easy life.

Love and comfort given without any measure

yet I always find something missing or not enough.


She was different though,bubbling with life.

Her smile and comforting words

would get you over a bad day.

She had her rules and take  on life.

Always fighting for the greater good,

she could stand against anyone.


A glance at her could never reveal

her difficult and painful past.

She could hide it all with a smile.

An epitome of endless courage,

she never complained

instead she faced it all.


I wonder where she’d draw

her patience and strength from,

to fight her battles.

Each day,a new battle emerges

from the mountain of worries

adding to her misery.

Even these couldn’t deter her

from smiling or fighting back

with poise and grace.


I wish all could share

the strength she possesses.

Looking for a hint of good

even in the worst situation.

Hoping and trusting

that all that happens

is not without reason.

Believing in that silver lining

that lines the dark cloud.

Let me know what you are thinking!

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