Road trips


I particularly enjoy road trips.The only annoying thing is pain in every inch of your body developed due to sitting upright for long hours.But that can be fixed with a stop over at a small coffee shop.There aint nothin’ coffee can’t fix πŸ˜€

I like that we can travel at our own speed,stop wherever we want to,which is usually not the case with public transport.Also these road trips bring the family closer.We get to have more fun with each other that usually doesn’t happen on a normal day,thanks to everyone’s busy schedules.

On the way to Goa


Β On the Bahrain Bridge

It is a twenty-five kilometers bridge which connects Saudi Arabia and Bahrain.



9 thoughts on “Road trips

  1. Fiya'Says says:

    visited and read your blog posts. I really really want to visit India now. I mean every indian i come across has the nicest spirit in his/her body. Lovely posts.
    love from Pakistan


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