Deafening SIlence

“How can you live in peace when you have your own battles going on inside?”



As I walk among busy crowds

I see people hustling by

lost in the noise of their mundane lives.

Earphones plugged in,music deafening

most of them try to drown out

the incessant cries of their hurting soul.

If you look closely 

each one tells a different story.


They prevent exposing their true self

for fear they won’t be accepted.

It is much easier to just walk away

without care or thought.


No they aren’t wearing a mask.

It is a mere tool to distract

them from the stress and tensions of life

they want to run,

turn away and hide.


Why always choose the easy way out?

‘Coz it is less painful.

They don’t have to hear people

constantly accusing them

of not being good enough.

Calling them a failure

no matter how hard they try,

 reopening old wounds.


This world is harsh on those

genuinely trying to change

Even the little  courage

they gather to put behind their mistakes,

are lost in the careless whispers that float around

hopeless and trapped in the past

 they roam round and round  

only to end up where they started.


Why is it so hard to let someone try again?

If you cannot encourage

atleast don’t put them down.

You never know when the tables will turn

and you might fail.

Put some thought,

would you like to be treated the same?




4 thoughts on “Deafening SIlence

  1. Aphemia says:

    I definitely relate to this one and have felt this way many times. So often, we seek external distractions to avoid having to sit with our own thoughts and feelings. I love the quote as well. Thanks for putting my thoughts into words! 🙂


    • jessannseq says:

      Exactly! Many a times I’ve also just plugged in my earphones to avoid conversation and run away from things that bother us.But it doesn’t always work that way.
      Thank you. so much for reading.I’m glad you liked it. 🙂


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