IMperfect World

I like to sleep because I love to dream.

‘Coz when I dream

I see a perfect world

complete by itself.


A world without hatred

an enemy of the soul.

A world full of love

joy radiating from above.

A world where people share and care,

and for each other they bear

sufferings patiently.


I see a virgin world

pure and chaste

free from man’s evils

where all live in peace.

No wars,no bloodshed.

And where sorrow is a word long forgotten.


I dream of such a world

where caste or creed doesn’t matter.

It is each person’s deed

that makes them good or bad.

Color doesn’t define 

people who stand up for what is right

and never give up the good fight.


The people in the world I dream of

have Hope as their strength,

understanding their courage.

They may appear weak

but are strong within.


But alas it remains a dream

a world far from reality,

in the depths of my mind.

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