Why do you judge

Why do you judge

by money in hand

or by clothes and their brand.

Don’t moral values,

their personality of different hues

ever count?


Isn’t there even the thought 

of the simple and innocent souls

those who have very little

but never long for more.


Why do you judge?

When you,yourself

cannot stand being judged

by the world.

Cringe at the thought

of your flaws being revealed

in the courts of justice.


Why do you judge?

While you overlook your faults

justifying it is human to er

but cannot forgive 

little your neighbor

did against you earlier.


Why do you judge?

Are you a saint?

Or do you consider it a god-given privilege?


Just because you are powerful today,

doesn’t mean you can

always have your way.

The only way yo set things right

in the eyes of the holy one

is not to judge people

and in return you won’t be.

8 thoughts on “Why do you judge

  1. Island Traveler says:

    I hope and pray that I will avoid judging people because I don’t want to be judge as well. I try to be aware so I can avoid such human weakness or error. It will be a much kinder, better world if everyone will be more giving, forgiving, understanding. Thanks for sharing this post.


  2. lifeconfusions says:

    Very well said Jess, Judgment is always something I’ve been at fence with. Its something we all face consciously or unconsciously. Its all always there. Love the message you portray in the poem.


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