The magic of Friendship


I’ve been put down so many times,

rising seems like a walk

towards another failure.

Disappointments surround me.

Good or bad,my heart cannot decide.

I feel the world spinning around

like life’s about to take that sudden turn

which might bring about

in my life,a new phase.

Or maybe it’s just an excuse

for the tears streaming down my face.

Somehow my life changed,

when I met you,You were different.

A gleam in your eyes and a smile on your lips

seemed inherent.

You could read my mind

without tarot cards or crystal balls.

You were there by my side

all through those weary times.

Even if I was mad at you

your silly questions and my stupid answers

could cheer me up.

Throw away the devil of sadness

out of my life,like it never existed.

In love and gratitude

for all you’ve done

to bring the sun out,on my grayest days

I pray that,you always retain

a smile on your face.

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