The Blackboard Of My Life


My life was an empty blackboard

when I first began.

Now it is filled,

with thoughts,values and little things.

Few from childhood

and some on the way to adulthood.

Most of them vaguely understood

and some over which I still brood.

A few I am able to perceive

and the rest is as good as I didn’t receive.

Oh how I dread the duster,

it erases sweet memories

written deep within me

by “chalk” my faithful companion.

It’s time to erase the unwanted

and let the good sink in.

To leave behind,all that is lost

move ahead whatever it may cost.

My whole strength will it take

to absorb each word into me.

An Ode to the chalk of my life,

who is none other than me.


10 thoughts on “The Blackboard Of My Life

  1. andy1076 says:

    It in the end does show every bit of our lives doesn’t it? one wonders what you can see when you take two steps back, I love the way you painted this image with your words 🙂


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