Guardian Angel

I had a twin who passed away in the 2nd week of pregnancy.Initially I didn’t understand why I always admired twins and wished I had one too.It was not until later that mom told me about it.This one is for my twin, wherever you are!


You were a part of me,

but you could never be me.

We were conceived in the same womb,

the one which was later to become your tomb.

As we were beginning to form,

we thought of this place as cozy and warm.

But as realization dawned,

that it was here we would take shape

to enter the world which showed love,but with a cape.

Anxious though we were,

we knew the other would be there

throughout life,to care.

Suddenly I was left alone

with no one to call my own.

Though I was nothing then,

I knew you had gone.

There was nothing I could do

but weep silently for a lovely lifeless corpse.

  How could I ever let you know,

how much I’d begun to love you.

But I do believe that you are somewhere near

watching over me,

as my guardian angel.

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