Sleepy Head

Daily Prompt: Mr. Sandman

If you ask my family and friends they would say I’m a heavy sleeper.I can’t say that they are wrong because I’ve proved it on several occasions.Once I fall asleep,my ears automatically shut out any kind of external noise.

I can’t help.I love sleeping!If I have my afternoon off,I’ll come back to my room and sleep.The result is I can’t sleep at night.


Not getting sleep when you want to sleep is the most annoying thing!

But in general its difficult to wake me up when I go to sleep.My mom would joke saying that even if there was an earthquake I’d still be sleeping soundly.Well that was my old self.

Things have changed drastically after coming  to college. I’ve learnt to wake up on my own when the alarm rings.(My mom thinks that is a miracle!).Old habits die hard,so I must admit that a time or two I’ve missed the first class because I didn’t hear my alarm.But that is only because I slept late doing an assignment or studying for a test.In my defense its better to sleep on my bed a little longer than on the table in class.

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