The kid inside each of us!

Daily Prompt: Young At Heart

  No matter how much I mature,the kid inside of me will always  be there.

Each one of us has a little kid that’s hidden deep inside.Some people are afraid to let the world see that side of them.They fear they might be      judged.But I say why not!Look at kids,they are carefree and happy.

->They don’t worry about the future.Here I’m not saying that you shouldn’t  have a goal in life, but instead of worrying how your future might be,work hard and leave the rest to god.  

-> If they have an issue with someone they are straight forward about it and its even forgotten the next day.No grudges.That is what I love most    about little kids.They forgive and forget so easily!

 -> When they dance,they dance like crazy(People find it cute too).Why bother what others think.

->Work hard,play harder.One thing I miss the most.These days I trade most of my free time to complete projects or catch lost sleep.

->When in doubt,ask mom & dad.No matter how old I am,I would like to take advice from my parents in certain cases.

->Early to bed,Early to rise! Thanks to engineering I don’t have a fixed schedule.


P.S:Comment and let me know if I missed anything!





13 thoughts on “The kid inside each of us!

  1. lifeconfusions says:

    Love the way you said, “When in doubt ask mom and dad…”. 🙂
    I’m not that close to my parents to ask them but its so cute and good to know that you have that kind of relationship with your parents ! 🙂


  2. simplywithin says:

    I loved this! As a preschool teacher, I always try to learn from the children just as much as they learn from me. They have so much to teach us about life. Somewhere between childhood and adulthood I changed my outlook on the world. And now my preschoolers are teaching me/ reminding me how to think they way I did as a child. It’s certainly helping me to stay young!

    Liked by 1 person

    • jessannseq says:

      I’m glad you enjoyed this. You’re absolutely right. We think we know better once we grow up, but there’s so much we can learn from little children. I’m sure you must be having a great time. Kids are fun to be around. They are so full of life. 😊

      Liked by 1 person

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