Heaven awaits

This one is for a girl from my school who just passed away battling cancer.I didn’t know her that well, but its scary when someone you know is alive and breathing one minute, is gone in the next.  May her soul rest in peace. 


Death though can be gross sometimes

but on you even death looked  so peaceful.

It brought me to realize the ways

death can come into your life


Did you have dreams?

A future for yourself,perhaps a good job.

I’m sure your parents would be proud.

Did it hurt?

When they told you that you had only a little while left,

before your life was taken away.

Everything you planned to do,your dreams

 shattered in a matter of minutes.

You must have wanted

to relive each happy moment.

Right  all your wrongs

over the past few years.

You knew you couldn’t change the past or control the future.

Did it hurt you when you realized,

you didn’t have a time machine that could take you back

just so that you could hug your mom a minute longer,

 play with dad even though mom called you for dinner.

Talk to your best friend hours on end,

Prolong life a little more.

Did it hurt,when they put chemicals

into your already weak body to kill the cancer.

The endless torture you had to go through ,

Were you fed up?

Did you want to give up?

I don’t think it was ever an option for you.

You fought for  life,until your last breath.

Clinging to every memory you had,

to soothe the pain you were in,

I’m sure your in a better place above

free from all your miseries on earth.

 You fought well,little soldier

now you can rest.

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