Our crazy night adventure




I remember this time when dad came from the office and asked all of us to get ready.As he started the car,he didn’t tell us where we were headed even after being asked several times (Later on I get to know even he didn’t know where we were going).He drove on for what seemed like forever(approx. 4-5 hrs.) and finally we reached a dead end.By this time all of us were dead tired as it was getting late and I had to go to school the next day.Dad didn’t utter a single word.All of us were so confused as to what was going on in his head.But for all we knew,we were lost.Dad stopped the car to ask for directions and finally we were on our way back home. That is when he finally started talking and told us that he did this because mom was complaining that we hadn’t gone out together anywhere in a long time.Yeah that’s my dad!We were so mad at him but  lucky him it wasn’t long before we were laughing about this incident.Weirdly though, this trip brought us closer together.


4 thoughts on “Our crazy night adventure

  1. lifeconfusions says:

    Well if it did bring all of you closer then I would label it as quiet a successful trip 😀
    But yeah it must have been a little frustrating to sit in a car for all that time and not even knowing where you were going…and that to reach at the dead end in the end ! 😛


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