My longest relationship!

My longest relationship…  


Well, I think most of us have experienced that kind,the one that never ends.

It all began when I was in my mother’s womb.She loved me before even laying eyes on me.She began caring for me before I was born.

When I was a little girl,my daddy worked in another country.During those times my mom not only played her part as my mother,but gave me daddy’s share of love too.Due to my inquisitive nature I always had many questions for mom,and she would answer each one patiently.She played with me,oversaw my studies and told me stories at night to put me to sleep.

As I entered teenage,I kind of grew apart from her.I used to get angry at her.But she never stopped caring for me,even if it was from a distance.Looking back,I feel stupid to have even let such thoughts into my head.

As I started becoming mature,I realized that my mom only wanted the best for me.All the things she did or said were so that I didn’t  get hurt.

She has always been there for me.My pillar,my unending source of strength.When I’ve failed in life she was there to tell me,”Don’t worry I’m right here,You will get through this!”.She believed in me when I stopped believing in myself.She has always supported me.Its only because of her that I’ve become what I am.

Out of all the relations on earth, I believe this one is the most beautiful.



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