Daily Prompt: I Believe

Three things I believe to be true:

1.God exists.He is present everywhere and is watching over us.

2.Whatever happens,happens for a reason.We may not see it at the moment,but its always for the good.

3.’Love’ is a powerful emotion.I believe it can change people for the better.

What I believe is false:

1.Heaven doesn’t exist.If god exists,heaven also exists.

It does!Where do you think people go after they die?

2.Some people can  never be redeemed.

Its never to late to turn over a new leaf.Now whether the person decides to change or not is a personal choice.All they need is a chance and the right guidance.

3.”I can’t forgive.”

When you don’t forgive a person,you hold onto a part of them that keeps opening the wound they caused.But when you forgive, you free yourself from that bondage and in time can put it behind you.



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