Daily Prompt: Something So Strong

God made us best friends because he knew that our moms couldn’t handle us as sisters.

This is the story of how I met my best friend.One that I always love to tell.

It all began when I was in third grade.I was a very shy and reserved girl.The teacher told my parents that I hardly spoke in class and didn’t open up at all.But little did she know this was all going to change.Republic day was due in a month and each class had to present the folk dance of one of the states in India.My class was to represent Uttaranchal.

Since I had short hair back then,I was made a guy and MPD (my best friend),my partner.(This is because I studied in an all-girls school).So practice for the big day started, and as I got to know her I learnt that we both belonged to the same place in India.We both could now speak in Konkani (native language of Mangalore)and no one around us would understand.It was like we had a secret language only we could communicate in.In less than few weeks from being the quietest girl in class I’d escalated to being the most talkative.She had changed me completely.We started talking so much that our teacher had to separate us so that we would stop talking so that she could go ahead with the dance practice.After this we were both transferred  to different classes in fourth grade.Few years rolled by and we lost contact.

Then came sixth grade.We happened to be in the same class.I was happy to see her back in  my class.We shared this connection,like our craziness was compatible.We were know as the mischievous pair.All through 6th and 7th grade our friendship grew stronger and has been like that ever since.We have fought over the silliest of reasons,only to make our bond stronger.She has always had my back and I’m sure I’ll have hers too.There were times when we thought we would never talk to each other ever again,but even that couldn’t crumble us.This is one girl I’ll always love no matter how far apart we might be,after all we are soul sisters.

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