Hush,Don’t Cry


Hush don’t cry

it was a phase ,that flew by.

You were in love,

oh so much in love

but now its over

and you must accept

you’ve changed forever.

Hush,don’t cry

don’t hold yourself back

let go of everything

that has ever made you sad.

All the pain,

the twisting hurricane

that blew it to pieces.

It all happened for a reason

one that you might not foresee,

but trust me you’d appreciate

this storm in life’s sea.

Hush,don’t cry

it wasn’t your fault

all those petty fights and arguments

have made you strong.

You now understand

your goal from here beyond.

Hush,don’t cry

sorrow doesn’t last long

you’ll get by this

just sing a song.

Dream large,dream far

this life is calling you

to places far beyond.

Sing and dance

you are a carefree soul

in this quiet haven

where peace overflows.

Hush,don’t cry

you must move forward

with all your might

gather that courage

hidden deep inside.

Cover up every scar and smile

like you’ve never cried.

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