The fire that never dies

“You never know how strong you are,until being strong is the only choice you have.”

As I sat beside her,I gazed into her radiant eyes

A simple girl,so full of life.

Her smile,deceiving you  of her hurtful past.

The strength she possesses, doesn’t belong to many.

In her I’ve seen

the courage to fight back

to stand up even if,she was the only one.

The fire that kindles,

in the depths of her heart

keeps her going each day.

She takes life as it comes.

Not dwelling in the past,

nor worrying about the future.

Accepting its ups and downs,

without crying or complaining

with a smile,so full of grace.

An inner peace,no one can take.

An epitome of the bravest souls

she stands tall,

not afraid of what tomorrow might hold.

She glides through life,

with nothing but a smile.

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