The Language Of Love


Love was born the day the world began.

It has flourished since then

in different hues,as if on cues.

Love has lived in the hearts of young and old alike,

in different forms and faces.

Love doesn’t differentiate

on the basis of race or color.

Love only knows to love.

I’ve seen love:

in a mother’s eyes

who starts caring for her child

even before laying eyes

on that bundle of innocence.

I’ve seen love:

in a father’s arms

waiting to embrace you

in-spite of all your mistakes.

I’ve seen love :

in the heart of a  friend

who values every tear,every smile.

Every emotion they comprehend

taking it as if it were their own.

I’ve seen love:

in a teacher

whose patience and encouragement

can drive you miles ahead

towards your goal.

I’ve seen love:

in the kindness

shown by some random stranger

on your unlucky day.

I’ve seen love:

in the words of comfort,offered to you

by your other half

who stands by you

through low and high tide.

I’ve seen love

dwell in the hearts of little children

who find joy,in everything around them.

Love only knows the language of love,It cannot hurt.

Love is never impatient nor evil,love endures.

Love gives you hope and strength to fight every battle before you.

Love will keep doing what it knows best,

that is to love.

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